PA3 • Primary • May 17, 2022

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PA3 • Primary • May 17, 2022

Environmental Justice



Dec 3, 2021


I support the Green New Deal not only because the climate crisis demands that we act boldly and decisively in the direction of climate action, but the funding and work force development programming will addresses structural unemployment in middle communities and provide a equitable job guarantee that can lift families out of poverty.

Hurricane Ida gave Philadelphia neighborhoods a very real example of how our water management infrastructure is not built for modern day flooding levels. Environmental catastrophe can be even more financially detrimental to residents in impacted communities due to insurance company greed and repairing or replacing all that you have.

Environmental justice is about much more than the preservation of our planet, and A Green New Deal is a pragmatic policy solution that address a multitude of issues that disrupt a quality of life.

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